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Spin with Piece of Mind

Member of The Fire Safety Council

Certified Emergency Medical Personnel


The Fire Safety Squad team in conjunction with REMSA & BMORG provides Fire Spinning Safety Teams, Fire Safety Gear, Burn Trauma Support & Emergency Medical Service to the community of Black Rock City, during the annual Burning Man Festival.

It is estimated that between 75% - 90% of all Burn Related calls during the Burn Year 2006, could have been prevented, if only the services of The Fire Safety Squad were in place.

The Fire Safety Squad knows that spinning is a spontaneous sport, it is prohibitive to pre-plan to Spin Fire at a particular day & time.  But that is exactly what we propose you do.  Pre-Plan your Spin times and schedule a highly-qualified Fire Safety Team to be there with you, in case of any misfortune.

  Ambulance Bad - Avoid at all costs!!!!

We hope that you never have a mishap while performing, never need to take an ambulance ride to Reno.  Our company and our mission are built around the catch-phrase "Never Light Up Alone Again".  Our Premier Insurance Plans give you the benefits you need at very affordable prices.


A Fire Safety Squad agent can help you make important decisions based on your specific needs by providing professional guidance in recommending products to ensure protection and security for you, your clothing, your skin and of course the audience gathered around to watch you perform.

Contact your local Fire Safety Squad Agent for costs and complete details of the coverage. Your agent can answer any questions you may have about our company, policies or cost.

"The difference is that we don't sell you Burning Man.  The Fire Safety Squad & the other SBS Consolidated companies provide you with benefits & services that will make your Burning Man Experience Stress Free.", Says ScottoBobScotto, Chairman of the Board.




                         2007 Fire Safety Squad -  An SBS Consolidated Company