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Spin with Piece of Mind

Member of The Fire Safety Council

Certified Emergency Medical Personnel




The success of the Fire Safety Squad depends on creative, productive people, who are empowered to make suggestions and work using their own initiative. Every job is essential to fulfilling our mission to provide high quality Safety  Gear, competitive Insurance Plans and qualified Medical Services everyday, to more people who "trust and respect" us.Employment -  Fire Safety Squad

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Current Job Openings:

Manager of Insurance and Risk Management: Assists our clients in the identification of personal Fire Insurance needs, administers fire damage insurance and self-insurance claims on behalf of the Fire Safety Squad, acts as a company liaison with our underwriter, and acts as a Playa-Wide resource for the rehabilitation of fire-damaged properties and or persons.
Compensation will be

Public Information Officer: Responsible to develop and release incident information to the media, the public and the Citizens of BRC. Coordinates the dissemination of directional information to all that enter the BRC community and maintains the emergency information hotlines.
Compensation will be

Dispatcher: Receives calls for emergency services and dispatches personnel and equipment according to established procedures; performs administrative or clerical duties requiring technical knowledge and administrative skills requiring independent judgment on a frequent basis and other related assigned duties.
Compensation will be $77.12/day

Drivers: HazMat License Required - Drive a truck or van with a capacity of over 56,000 GVW, primarily to deliver or pick up merchandise or to deliver packages within a specified area. May require use of automatic routing or location software. May load and unload truck. Compensation will be $67.67/day

Join the Fire Safety Squad Team TODAY!!!
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