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Spin with Piece of Mind

Member of The Fire Safety Council

Certified Emergency Medical Personnel


About Us


The mission of the Fire Safety Squad is to protect those that engage in Fire Spinning activities from the effects of accidental clothing or skin ignition. 


Never Light Up Alone Again


Over the past 2 years, we've made it our business to take care of you by providing the products you need and the excellent service you expect. By offering a broad range of Fire Safety Gear, Personal On-Site Fire Spinning Safety Teams & reliable insurance plans, The Fire Safety Squad doesn't just insure; we ensure peace of mind.

At the Fire Safety Squad, all the work that we do for you is guided by the values in our mission statement. That means that we are committed to providing customer service that meets - and exceeds - your expectations. You also can expect expert advice, a true partnership, and an innovative approach to meeting your Fire Spinning Safety challenges.


The Fire Safety Squad Headquarters  located on the Eastern Edge of Gerlach, Nevada allows easy access to Black Rock City and excellent proximity for coordination with Emergency facilities in Reno. 

FSS also maintains close ties with
REMSA for additional Playa support.

  Fire Safety Squad - Gerlach Headquarters

"Our goal is to make a difference, whether we’re delivering one discrete service or playing a major role in transforming the entire BRC Fire Spinning Landscape.  As a service business our people are crucial to our success. We aim to provide an environment where our staff feel happy and fulfilled in the work that they do." Says ScottoBobScotto, Chairman of the Board.

The Fire Safety Squad and the SBS Consolidated family of companies are committed to proving the most comprehensive Playa Services to all who enter the gates of Black Rock City.

Ambulance transport is provided by private service through contracts with BMORG, The Fire Safety Squad & REMSA.

*Underwritten by Fire Safety Squad Life Insurance Company
**Offered by BRC Marketing Investor Services.



                         2007 Fire Safety Squad - An SBS Consolidated Company