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Spin with Piece of Mind

Member of The Fire Safety Council

Certified Emergency Medical Personnel



Insurance Plans


Please take a moment to read the following policy coverage information. Contact your local Fire Safety Squad Agent for costs and complete details of the coverage.

Catch-On-Fire Insurance - Short Term Health Insurance

As a Fire Spinner there's never a good reason to go without the medical coverage from the Fire Safety Squad.   The last thing you need is for a Fire accident to occur On-Playa without it. Even if you are Self-Insured or have Employer-Provided health insurance, your policy more than likely does not cover your Fire Spinning activities.  The Fire Safety Squad Life Insurance Company can fill in those gaps and give you the piece of mind you need to Spin Safely and without worry. The Fire Safety Squad Health Plan is an affordable short-term policy. Life doesn't wait, so why should you?

The Choice is Yours

Choose the coverage period you want -- from 1 day to 14 days or anything in between.  Whether for an individual or family, the Fire Safety Squad Health Plan can be designed to fit specific short-term Burning Man insurance needs.

Quality Protection for Your Short-Term Needs

The Fire Safety Squad Health Plan is designed to provide temporary medical protection in the event of an unexpected Fire-Related injury within the confines of Black Rock City during the annual Burning Man Festival.  The maximum benefit is $2 million per individual. 

This policy does not cover any injury, illness, or condition for which the covered person had medical treatments, symptoms, or any manifestations before the effective date of coverage.  Benefits are provided based on usual and customary charges for services, treatment and supplies for which you incur eligible expenses.

Easy Application.  Reasonable Pricing

There are just a few questions to answer, and with No Medical Exam required at the time of application, there's no lengthy delay.

There When You Need It

Should your policy expire while you’re hospitalized from a Playa-Related Fire event and you’ve satisfied your deductible, coverage will continue for a period of six months, or until you’re discharged, or until the maximum benefit is reached…whichever comes first.

Contact your local Fire Safety Squad Agent for costs and complete details of the coverage.

This is a single premium, nonrenewable medical expense policy and is not suitable for everyone.  If you desire a renewable policy, contact your agent for additional information.

This is a brief description of the
Fire Safety Squad product offered by Fire Safety Squad Life Insurance Company. The complete policy benefits, exclusions, limitations and waiting periods are contained in the insurance policy.


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